JBank Industries is a family company.  It was founded by President, James DuTremaine. He always strove to improve things in his own life and when he saw what was happening in the office solutions industry, he acted immediately; it was a knee-jerk reaction.  He knew he could do better.  Much better. He knew he could provide the best customer service, the best solutions, and the best support.  He was born and raised in the twin cities, Minnesota.  There, he and the rest of the DuTremaine family had a very strong presence; they were well-known for their kindness and unmatched hospitality.  Whether it was the neighbors or a few friends from school, they always had  guests at dinner time, and it was always excellent home cooking!  There are memories that will last a lifetime.  James continues to make great efforts to bring this principle of hospitality and kindness to his customers. He grew up taking good care of his friends and family and wants to do the same for your businesses and employees.


Our mission is versatility and customer focus.  Business equipment and office solutions make or break a business.  If you can’t effectively execute in-house business operations, you can’t focus on effectively conducting business.  That’s why JBank Industries takes pride in their critical responsibility of personally taking care of your businesses.  From hardware, software, servicing, to entire turn-key solutions, JBank Industries sets themselves apart as the most versatile, with access to limitless products and services.  It’s the plasticity of the JBI solutions that make JBank Industries the most customer-centered company; it was built with only the customers in mind, adapting solutions to fit the customer’s needs entirely.

Core Values:

We take very seriously our three core values: Customer service, integrity, and innovation.  These three values we cling to, cover many things.

  • Mr. DuTremaine could never stand it when he needed technical support or customer service from a company, and couldn’t get to a live person to help him solve an issue.  Anyone who has been in that moment where their computer crashes, cell phone malfunctions, or internet disconnects knows how important technical support and customer service is.  Remember when you had that unpredictable moment and couldn’t get in contact with representatives to help you through it?  Wasn’t that frustrating?  Or, how about when you did get through to a representative, but experienced more incompetency than you did support?  We understand how important customer service is, and how important our customers are.  That’s why we have the best technicians, energetic representatives, a user-friendly website, and always have someone there to answer your telephone call, reply to your email, or call back in a very timely manner.  Our representatives are quick,friendly, and knowledgeable.
  • Integrity can mean a lot of things.  In this case, the word has two meanings; the integrity we think of when we think of honesty, and integrity as in something being sound in construction.  James noticed that there was some negativity toward another company’s account managers, and their integrity was always in question; they are perceived as villainous. And, they’ve probably earned that reputation.  But, JBank Industries…we are the good guys…We love being the good guys.  JBI has integrity in how we are built- We’re strong, supportive, and reliable. This is what a business needs to reach it’s fullest potential.  We have the most integrity.
  • Innovation… We always stay updated on the latest breakthroughs of technology, so we can provide our customers the best solutions, so they can be their best.  We also always do our best to promote American made products, instead of the Chinese and Japanese products that other companies promote.  The foreign equipment can break and malfunction very frequently and why would we pay other countries for inferior equipment, when we could do business with JBI and promote American businesses with superior equipment?  We have the best equipment and the best solutions. We take pride in our country and our own American technology!  Canon, Kyocera, and Konica Minolta are Chinese and Japanese brands.  American unemployment is a commonplace topic…Not a lot of people realize how many more American jobs we would have if we were buying more American equipment and less Chinese and Japanese equipment.  Think of how many more Americans would have jobs, putting food on the table for their families.  Talk about a huge economy boost!  JBI takes a lot of pride in America and what America has to offer.